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Al Pacino’s got nothing on TRBL

  Early one evening last week, we were lying down with Timothy in his bed.  Laura was reading to him, and I saw my window of opportunity and snuck out of his room.  I got into the hall and sat down … Continue reading

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    The human body is a perfect creation, and yet, if God had a suggestion box, I would scribble him a note about shortening the length of toddlers’ arms.  Timothy’s arms are the perfect length for reaching down into the … Continue reading

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The Pirate and the Plunge

(Nice of Timothy to include his sister Catherine in his selfie!) This is a big week for our family.  Our daughter Elisabeth turned 18 years old today (Happy birthday E!). We’d rather not have Elisa living in India for such a … Continue reading

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The Usual Suspect

    Timothy is making more sounds and his favorite word is ‘carrrrrr’, and he says it whenever he sees a car or hears the word spoken.  His pronunciation resembles someone from Boston clearing their throat as they say ‘car’ … Continue reading

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Bath water Happy Hour

Holding Timothy is sometimes an adventure, and so it was a few days ago when Timothy decided to combine a few of his favorite hobbies.  I was holding him when he spit up on his hands and then started running … Continue reading

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