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Where the girls go overseas and Timothy gets his feng shui on

   This has been a big week at the Lee household. We put Catherine on a flight for her year abroad in South Korea. We put Elisabeth on a flight for her year abroad in France. And Timothy turned five … Continue reading

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Timothy and the Ten Pins

At the birthday party of a classmate, Timothy was enjoying knocking over the bowling pins that were set up on the floor of the gym.  I would set them up and Timothy would immediately knock the pins over. Fast forward … Continue reading

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Was that Timothy who just ran past the window?

     Timothy turned 4 years old last weekend, which he continues to celebrate with a series of tasteful celebrations.   We all enjoyed a trip to Indianapolis to celebrate the wedding of Laura’s sister, Mary Ann and her fiancé Fritz, … Continue reading

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T for Three, or You’re never too young to breakdance

         Timothy celebrated his third birthday this weekend in a small private ceremony surrounded by family and friends.  It’s hard to believe that the little amigo is already three, though he’s generously agreed to ease our transition … Continue reading

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The Pirate and the Plunge

(Nice of Timothy to include his sister Catherine in his selfie!) This is a big week for our family.  Our daughter Elisabeth turned 18 years old today (Happy birthday E!). We’d rather not have Elisa living in India for such a … Continue reading

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First Day of School

                 Timothy is often good at giving us a second opinion.  And so I return us to the scene of the crime that I mentioned in the last blog entry, when a good friend took Laura, Catherine, Timothy and me … Continue reading

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TRBL Two’s

           Timothy Robert Brandon Lee turns two years old today. On the eve of Timothy’s second birthday, we went to a nice restaurant for dinner with a good friend.  And TRBL acted like one of the Blues Brothers, … Continue reading

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T for Two

      Timothy loves to ride like Miss Daisy in the jogging stroller.  He digs the forward facing jogger and is able to see and give his opinion of the world in front of him.  Timo and I have an unspoken agreement … Continue reading

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