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Sleeping Beauty

   It was on a Saturday, just after lunch, around Timothy’s nap time, and we had an event to attend mid afternoon, and so I needed T to get a 90 minute nap before our event. Okay, wait.  Step back … Continue reading

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Never try to high five a snowbank

  Now that Timothy is walking, he sometimes stands up in his high chair.  If he’s in his high chair and is watching a video, he’ll sometimes stand up and get this mischievous look on his face.  We feel like … Continue reading

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Oprah meet John Wayne

    Timothy continues to walk, and his gait is something between a bow legged cowboy and a wobbly weebol.  He’s doing more walking than crawling and gets a real kick out of it, looking over to us as if … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Waffles

Timothy is 16 months old today, and we celebrated by taking him for a mall walk.  He slept through it. Timothy has a habit of crawling into the kitchen and pulling cookbooks down from a low shelf.  It gets a … Continue reading

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Ho ho ho

Proving that Santa’s not the only one bearing gifts today, Timothy started off Christmas Eve by peeing on me while I was changing his diaper. Ho ho ho. Our pediatrician cautioned us that every year she gets kids coming in … Continue reading

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