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The Abominable Snowmonster

    There is nothing more that Timothy loves than a good group hug.  When he’s leaving a gathering, our little rush chairman will often reach out to different people to circle up. This is one of the cutest things … Continue reading

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Was that Timothy who just ran past the window?

     Timothy turned 4 years old last weekend, which he continues to celebrate with a series of tasteful celebrations.   We all enjoyed a trip to Indianapolis to celebrate the wedding of Laura’s sister, Mary Ann and her fiancé Fritz, … Continue reading

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    The human body is a perfect creation, and yet, if God had a suggestion box, I would scribble him a note about shortening the length of toddlers’ arms.  Timothy’s arms are the perfect length for reaching down into the … Continue reading

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Orange is the new Black

      Last weekend, we had a fun graduation and welcome home party for Elisabeth.  She and her good friend, Audrey (who studied in India with her) spent many hours making our kitchen smell like a real Indian kitchen, … Continue reading

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The Godfather

Our family’s love of eating can get in the way of learning.  Following a recent snowfall, I handed Timothy some snow – hoping that he would study it, smell it, feel the texture, the cold, the moisture.  But instead, he … Continue reading

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Cha cha cha

Timothy usually crawls very quickly from one place to another.  However, for some reason he occasionally pauses and kicks out his right foot.  It’s funny, but it’s sort of a ‘crawl, crawl, cha-cha-cha’.  This isn’t the fastest way to move, … Continue reading

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The TRBL puzzle

Written Apr 28, 2012 Many people live with the misconception that the most challenging part of taking care of a baby is the dirty diapers.  But baby spit up is actually the reigning king because it has something that dirty … Continue reading

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