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The Pirate and the Plunge

(Nice of Timothy to include his sister Catherine in his selfie!) This is a big week for our family.  Our daughter Elisabeth turned 18 years old today (Happy birthday E!). We’d rather not have Elisa living in India for such a … Continue reading

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Never try to high five a snowbank

  Now that Timothy is walking, he sometimes stands up in his high chair.  If he’s in his high chair and is watching a video, he’ll sometimes stand up and get this mischievous look on his face.  We feel like … Continue reading

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One recent late evening, I’m sitting in Timothy’s room with him, rocking him to sleep.  He seems to be sacked out in my arms, and so I slowly stand up (more to go easy on my back than to keep … Continue reading

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Little Elvis

Our friends ask what it’s like having Elisabeth (our 17 year old) in India for 10 months.  Well, she’s been gone for 2 months, but it certainly doesn’t feel like she’s on the other side of the globe.  It feels … Continue reading

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First Day of School

                 Timothy is often good at giving us a second opinion.  And so I return us to the scene of the crime that I mentioned in the last blog entry, when a good friend took Laura, Catherine, Timothy and me … Continue reading

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T for Two

      Timothy loves to ride like Miss Daisy in the jogging stroller.  He digs the forward facing jogger and is able to see and give his opinion of the world in front of him.  Timo and I have an unspoken agreement … Continue reading

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Tan lines

The good news is that Timothy is learning to drink out of a normal cup. The less good news is that the main place he performs his latest trick is in the bathtub and his drink of choice is bathwater.  … Continue reading

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