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The Fugitive

Timothy is not yet walking, but loves to climb up the stairs to his sisters’ room.  He used to lumber slowly up the stairs and pause and look around, but now he motors up with workmanlike precision.  One of us … Continue reading

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Tasmanian Devil

Timothy is nothing if not generous.  He has a cold and his nose has been running like a faucet.  The other day, I grabbed a Kleenex and did my best to wipe away what was under his nose.  Timothy then … Continue reading

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Cha cha cha

Timothy usually crawls very quickly from one place to another.  However, for some reason he occasionally pauses and kicks out his right foot.  It’s funny, but it’s sort of a ‘crawl, crawl, cha-cha-cha’.  This isn’t the fastest way to move, … Continue reading

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Lessons from a Barbecue

Written Jun 21, 2012 Timothy is now sitting up on his own. It happened so fast — like one day he was lying on his stomach and the next day he’s sitting up, leaning forward like a Black Jack dealer … Continue reading

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Written May 6, 2012 Timothy has been a very calm baby, but last night, while Laura and I were at a fundraiser, he was apparently a little screaming machine.  Laura attributed his behavior to T probably having a tough day … Continue reading

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First teeth

Written Apr 23, 2012 On the heels of Timothy’s recent diagnosis of having a small flat spot on the left side of the back of his head, we’re trying to strengthen the neck muscles on his right side.  Given the … Continue reading

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Helmet hair

Written Apr 14, 2012 Timothy enjoyed his visit with his grandparents in AZ and did well on his first two airplane flights. He returned in time for his first Easter Egg hunt in our living room, which went into extra … Continue reading

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Burp Cloth Houdini

Written Apr 1, 2012 Timothy is at the end of his first week eating solids, and has added peas to the oatmeal buffet.  The kid wants to control the whole process, and tries to grab the bowl and the spoon … Continue reading

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