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The SEAL and the monkey

  During this time, and for much of the winter, Timothy has had a steadily runny nose.  Wiping off his runny nose has the look of a Navy SEAL operation.  You don’t walk into the thing unprepared or you’ll get … Continue reading

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The Book Swatter

I never saw it coming.  Last week I mentioned that Timothy had started beeping noses.  Then, as I fed him yesterday, Timothy was sitting in his high chair and I turned my back to him to get his milk from … Continue reading

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Hot Chocolate

(note: I originally wrote this entry as if it was not our kids soaking up our sage advice, but it was us, so here it is)  When our two girls were very young, we sat down and talked with them … Continue reading

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Jungle Boy

We were attending Elisabeth’s orchestra concert recently, and I found myself having trouble concentrating on the music.  I realized that I was distracted by a man standing nearby who was jingling the change in his pocket.  The sound was not very … Continue reading

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TRBL’s first word

When I read books with Timothy, I ask him to point to things — “Where’s the elephant?” — and sometimes he’ll point to the elephant, and if he doesn’t, I take his hand and place it on the elephant and … Continue reading

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Cha cha cha

Timothy usually crawls very quickly from one place to another.  However, for some reason he occasionally pauses and kicks out his right foot.  It’s funny, but it’s sort of a ‘crawl, crawl, cha-cha-cha’.  This isn’t the fastest way to move, … Continue reading

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Pit stop

At no time does Timothy seem more active than the time when you’d like to have him calm and quiet – when he’s getting his diaper changed.  I’ve tried to come up with an analogy for what it’s like to … Continue reading

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