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Harry the Dirty Dog

   As the weather has improved Timothy and I have taken a lot of trips in the jogging stroller.  We usually jog through a nature area and I find a good, small stick for his entertainment.  T likes to examine … Continue reading

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Down syndrome Fashion Week

                  People have asked me what Down syndrome is.  My explanation is that our bodies are made up trillions of cells, with each cell containing chromosomes which carry the genetic material (DNA) which is the starting point for each … Continue reading

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Zen and the art of Notre Dame football

(Not all of us appreciate winter fashions) Monday night. That is when the University of Notre Dame will play the University of Alabama for the national championship of college football. Timothy has changed the way that I watch Notre Dame football … Continue reading

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Smiling little fireman

Written Oct 30, 2012 It was the kind of moment that they write about, like when Babe Ruth pointed to the outfield and then hit a home run ball there.  Some people can sense things before they happen, or at … Continue reading

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