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Every day is kids’ day

  Last Sunday, on the morning of Father’s Day, Timothy had a very dirty diaper and lived up to my last blog entry by bringing his hands in to help with the diaper clean up.  That diaper was so dirty that … Continue reading

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The frog and the fringe benefit

  More than a year ago, for some reason we decided to put away the 80 year old rug we purchased while travelling in Istanbul, Turkey.  Recently, with signs of winter arriving, we’ve talked about covering up part of the hardwood … Continue reading

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Ho ho ho

Proving that Santa’s not the only one bearing gifts today, Timothy started off Christmas Eve by peeing on me while I was changing his diaper. Ho ho ho. Our pediatrician cautioned us that every year she gets kids coming in … Continue reading

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Footy pajamas

Written Oct 20, 2012 We awoke this morning to a terrifying sight.  For us, the next scariest thing to finding bugs in your bed is finding an infant lying next to you in bed.  We know many people who regularly … Continue reading

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