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Al Pacino’s got nothing on TRBL

  Early one evening last week, we were lying down with Timothy in his bed.  Laura was reading to him, and I saw my window of opportunity and snuck out of his room.  I got into the hall and sat down … Continue reading

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Locked in a Fashion Emergency

Timothy made the leap from crib to big boy bed this weekend.  It’s a little later than usual to have him start sleeping in a bed, but our math went something like this – wait until he was climbing out … Continue reading

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Timothy and the Ten Pins

At the birthday party of a classmate, Timothy was enjoying knocking over the bowling pins that were set up on the floor of the gym.  I would set them up and Timothy would immediately knock the pins over. Fast forward … Continue reading

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Dancing Zeus meets the monster

  According to Greek mythology, Zeus used to throw thunderbolts down to earth. I thought about that when we had a loud thunderstorm a few nights ago. In the summer, our daughters usually sleep in the basement room right below our … Continue reading

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Our Yes Man

  Last summer, Timothy was on a kick where, if you asked him a question, he would respond by shaking his head from side to side.  No words, but his emphatic shake of the head said it all.  I called it … Continue reading

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The Penguin

While there is no French in our heritage, we have relatives and friends in France and have been lucky to spend a lot of time over there. Maybe that’s why sometimes during meals at home (and I say this at the … Continue reading

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Online dodgeball

Laura got up with Timothy a few times last night.  He’s got a red, runny nose and is enduring a summer cold, allergies or possibly teething (we’re casting a wide net on this diagnosis).  When he started making noise at … Continue reading

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T’s got friends in low places

While he’s not shaving yet, these days Timothy often sports a five o’clock shadow of oatmeal and yogurt after his meals. It may be those mature looks, but Timothy is sometimes called a ‘flirt’ by adult women.  And yet he … Continue reading

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Footy pajamas

Written Oct 20, 2012 We awoke this morning to a terrifying sight.  For us, the next scariest thing to finding bugs in your bed is finding an infant lying next to you in bed.  We know many people who regularly … Continue reading

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